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La Chaume, Calamus Castle in Pont l’Abbé D’Arnoult. 10th-century castle, La Chaume is a unique place in Charente-Maritime. With its 4000m² interiors, the owners assure you of the exclusivity of the place by giving you the keys to this house. The Château de La Chaume has two unique qualities in the region: it has 60 rooms and nearly 150 beds and a consecrated chapel in which you can celebrate your union. There are also 3 lodges on-site, unlimited parking, and also a second non-consecrated chapel. In short, there is everything and more since there are 6 salles de réceptions! We looked for you, there is no better. There are prettier yes but there is no better. When you unite 2 people, 2 families, you don’t scatter your family all over Charente-Maritime. A wedding is a reunion and the ONLY place that allows it is on this site.

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